Best 210+ Whatsapp Status Love,Whatsapp Status Love Failure

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Status for Whatsapp

I Wish I Could Give You My Pain So That You Understand How Much You Hurt Me.

Status for Whatsapp

You’ve probably seen this love failure status before but what does it mean? I’ll tell you – it’s when you don’t want to let go of your live in troubled times, but you’re not fully honest, not fully open, not speaking your mind afraid that the other person’s walls will not even let your considerations in, you want things to go back to when they were fine.

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If you use this status you’re past the point of caring whether or not your ‘love’ gets angry at being referred to as a mistake, this is just the way you feel.

Whatsapp Status Love Failure

Ouch. This status doesn’t make for the most pleasant of reading but at least it’s honest and it tackles your biggest issue – how to bring a real, genuine smile to your face again. And really, that’s really more important than I think any of us realize.

Status for Whatsapp

Have the courage to learn from your breakups.

Status for Whatsapp

All these bullshit made me strong.

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