Best 50+ Kevin Gates Quotes

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Latest Kevin Gates Quotes on Life

If you are a big fan of Kevin’s music then these Best 50+ Kevin Gates Quotes will attract you and make you feel impressive. Kevin Jerome Gilyard is always known by his stage name Kevin Gates. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is also caught for stealing at a very young age. There are no problems in anyone’s life, but not everyone dares to face all the problems, Today he is earning a lot of fame by overcoming difficulties.

So today we have brought you the Best 50+ Kevin Gates Quotes Where you will get to know about his life, music, success, twists, and turns which will inspire and amaze you.

Latest 20+ Kevin Gates Quotes on Life

“I never go into a situation with any type of expectations.”

“Nothing, not even the battle, lasts a lifetime.”

“Life is about conduct and how we conduct ourselves. But two wrongs never make a right.”

“I’m inspired by everything that goes on around me. I’m a sponge. I’m very analytical. I notice the things that most people don’t notice.”

“I suffer from depression. Severe cases of it. Not one case of depression, not a severe case, but severe cases of depression. Music is my only outlet, it’s therapeutic to me. It’s a release. It’s how I vent emotionally.”

“I started speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since.”

“Don’t get mad at me for being the best of what I was created to be.”

“The best thing that’s ever happened to me is learning that I can depend on myself.”

“If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you’re destined for failure.”

“It is illegal to steal my feelings and leave”

“What I see, what I went through, what a friend of mine may have gone through, whatever – I rap about it.”

“Whatever I have a natural love for or respect or admiration for, I tattoo it on my body.”

“My daily conversation consists of hustle. Grinding from the bottom sick and tired of struggle.”

“We humans are a mixed bunch, and we cope with stress, anxiety, and depression in different ways.”

“The longest I fasted was about three weeks. No food, no water.”

“True wealth is not of the pocket, but of the heart and of the mind.”

“Knowledge is available, but only to those who deserve it.”

Best 20+ Kevin Gates Quotes on Love

“I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy.”

“Loves a battlefield it’s not a one-night stand.”

“Fall in love fast, make sure I handle it delicately.”

“I’m in the game to survive so the people that I love could be straight. I’m a highly intelligent individual.”

“I married my best friend who happens to be a girl.”

“I’ve got a heart that’s full of love, with so much love to give. So me giving you a hug might have been all 8. you needed. I give you a handshake, looking you in your eyes, telling you I understand, us connecting. That’s worth more than money to me.””

“You have to be intimate with a person to know that person”

“I love spending time with my family. That is my celebration.”

“You don’t know how much you love something until you can’t do it. That’s one thing I can say that I learned. I learned how much I love music.”

“The things that are not easy for me to talk about and express, I express through my music. I’m just very serious about my art.”

“It’s easy to betray or violate a loved one. You know all their strengths and weaknesses.”

“To be honest I am not looking to be romantic, already got someone at home.”

“You gotta make this person fall in love with you again because they have no memory or recollection of who you were at that time. Because you’re a different person every time you come home, you grow.”

“Marriage is the most wonderful thing ever.”

“If you look at the movie ‘Belly,’ I identify with Sincere the most. I am a gangster. I love my lady to death.”

“Nobody can stop you from winning if you follow what your heart says.”

“I love to make music, I love to get tattoos…That’s just what I love. If I wasn’t getting paid I’d still do it.”

Best 10+ Kevin Gates Quotes on Success

“I don’t sleep much. I’m on the move. My motto is, ‘You can sleep when you’re dead.”

“When you stand for something, you’ve got to stand for it all the way, not halfway.”

“Why accept failure when success is free?”

“I really live in a box. I’m always locked away in the studio, so I never get to see those people anyway. And if I do see them, I don’t even think—to be honest, I’m so focused right now I couldn’t even see myself encountering those individuals that I spoke about from my past.”

“Never break or fold, that’s what it takes to be major.”

“Everybody around you pretending that they your partner, let you have a problem they won’t even help you out”

“I got it out the mud, ain’t nobody ever gave me nothing.”

“I don’t sleep much. I don’t sleep much – I work, I work, I work.”

“Money coming, money gotta flip it. I ain’t waiting on nobody, I’mma go get it.”


Kevin Gates has faced so many challenges in his life that we can’t even imagine. Even after such a bad time, it’s still tough ahead. We can’t deny that Kevin has worked hard to make his life successful. Are any of these quotes relevant to your life? We would be very happy if any of these Best 50+ Kevin Gates Quotes were helpful or relatable to you.

Hope you liked the article on Best 50+ Kevin Gates Quotes and you got inspiration from this article. If you liked our post, please let us know in the comment box below which quote was your favorite? What else do you know about Kevin Gates? Did you enjoy reading this article or not?

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