60 Best Quotes about Mac Miller

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Today we have prepared a list of 60 Best Quotes about Mac Miller including quotes about his music and life.

Malcolm James McCormick professionally known as Mac Miller. He was a famous rapper and record producer who was loved by all who knew him and died in 2018 due to a drug overdose. He started his career at a very young age. There is always happiness and positivity in his music. In these 60 Best Quotes about Mac Miller, you will find the image of Mac Miller.

Inspirational Mac Miller Quotes

  • “They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.”
  • “I just like to sing for people who have lost love.”
  • “Life goes on, days get brighter.” 
  • “I’ve been laughed at and hated on, and no one would even play my songs. Wouldn’t even listen to anything that my name was on.”
  •  “No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.”
  • “People change and things go wrong, but just remember, life goes on.”
  • In the quest to be a man, you start to learn you need your family. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be way closer to insanity.”
  • “Sometimes, it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing we can do is go with our heart and hope it all goes well.”
  • “Stand by those who stand by you.”
  • “To me, women have always been the sturdiest people in my life and have been incredible sources of energy.”
  • “Found a difference between the ground and the floor.”
  • “I like seeing good people win.”
  • “I’m just tryna make better music, get this money, and share the profits.”

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Best Mac Miller Quotes

  • “Enjoy the best things in your life, ’cause you ain’t gonna live it twice. They say you waste time asleep, but I’m just tryin’ to dream.”
  • “They say you waste time asleep, but I’m just trying to dream.”
  • “Your life’s short, don’t ever question the length / It’s cool to cry, don’t ever question your strength.”
  • “It’s okay to believe in yourself against all odds, and it’s okay to fail.”
  • “People change and things go wrong but just remember life goes on.”
  • “No matter where life takes me, you’ll find me with a smile. Presumed to be happy, always laughing like a child. I never thought life could be this sweet! It’s got me cheesing from cheek to cheek!”
  • “You’ve gotta jump in to swim.”
  • “If you didn’t make mistakes you wouldn’t get far.”
  • “The life you lead is more important than the words you speak.”
  • “I will be goofy, kinda funny. Acting stupid but they love me.”
  • “If you wanna talk about life, you have to live a little.”
  • “I could take a photo, but I’d rather paint a picture.”
  • “A life ain’t a life until you live it.”

Mac Miller Quotes About Life

  • “My ideology was, if I just make very happy music, then people will forget about whatever their problems are.”
  • “Being famous used to just defeat me. I wouldn’t leave my house because I was worried about someone being like, ‘Oh, are you Mac Miller?’ and then the rest of the night I couldn’t be myself.”
  • “No matter where life takes me. Find me with a smile.”
  • “I think, a lot of times, people just want to be cool, and to be in love is not cool. But I think it’s the coolest. I think love is the coolest thing that there is.”
  • “Sometimes I see the world for how f-ked up it really is. I tell myself I’ll be the one to make a change in it. I could die tonight; not make it to the sunrise, then I couldn’t hear the pain in it.”
  • “Now every day I wake up and breathe. I don’t have it all but that’s alright with me.”
  • “I’m just an idea, nothing concrete.”
  • “When I was a kid, hip-hop had that effect on me, it was an escape and it showed me a different way of life.”
  • “In the quest to be a man, you start to learn you need your family. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be way closer to insanity.”

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  • “I like tattoos. I’m gonna be covered. I’m not going to touch my face or under the chin on the neck: it’s my least favorite place.”
  • “I play a bunch of instruments, like piano, drums, guitar, and bass. And the kazoo every now and then. I’m trying to learn how to play the trumpet and the saxophone. That’s what I’m learning how to play.”
  • “It never gets boring for me because there’s so many different things to explore in the studio.”
  • “People put their voices everywhere. All through Instagram comments. As minuscule and kind of stupid as that is, at the same time, it’s dope. People really feel like, ‘I have to say something,’ which is sometimes a little much, but like, ‘Go ahead, man. Speak away.’”

Mac Miller Quotes About Music

  • “Performing for 60,000 people, that’s easy. The energy’s already there. They’re already doing most of the work. All you gotta do is not forget the words—and feed them energy, too.”
  • “Music is my escape from reality.”
  • “I don’t want to limit myself as an artist and only do a certain sound.”
  • “I’m trying to make music that makes people happy and sad at the same time.”
  • “I was never just a ‘fill in 16 bars on a beat’ rapper. I was making real songs from the jump.”
  • “I flood the Internet with what I think is quality content. That’s why I did things like giving out a song every 100,000 Twitter followers because I am just looking for ways to get my fans to hear all this music without over-saturating things.”
  • “One thing I know about Willie Hutch—my homie, Big Jerm, listens to nothing but soul music, so he put me on to all this soul music back in the day.”
  • “At first, you’re doing it for yourself, it’s about what sounds good to you, it’s about expressing yourself. Then you get comfortable as an artist, and you find yourself and people get familiar.”
  • “I’m not perfect, but my music is.”
  • “I’m not a rapper. I’m a musician.”
  • “I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. A lot of weird-ass music, like weird-ass, old Portishead.”
  • “Someone told me sleep was the cousin of death and followin’ the dollar finds nothin’ but stress.”
  • “We run into each other and it’s like we don’t even speak the same language. I guess people are always going through changes.”


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