50 Sid the Sloth Quotes

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Funny Sid the Sloth Quotes

If you’re familiar with and enjoy Sid, then these 50 Sid the Sloth Quotes are definitely up your alley! Sid, the hilarious and absurd character from the movie Ice Age, never fails to make us burst into laughter. Despite being rejected by his own family, Sid’s antics bring so much joy to the Ice Age series. Personally, I watch Ice Age just to catch a glimpse of Sid and his equally funny granny.

Trust me, you’ll adore these Sid the Sloth Quotes from Sid. These quotes from Sid will not only make you laugh but also inspire you, thanks to the unique charm of his character.

Famous Sid the Sloth Quotes

  • “Wow, I wish I could jump like that.” 
  • “You and me. We make a great team.”
  •  “Humans are disgusting.”
  • “That South thing is way overrated. The heat, the crowds—who needs it? Isn’t this great? You and me, two bachelors knockin’ about in the wild.”
  • “Hey, you guys! Look what I did!”

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Famous Sid Quotes
  • “Well, I think mating for life is stupid. I mean, there’s plenty of Sid to go around.”
  • “Oh, thanks, Manny. You’re my pal. You are my best.”
  • “Yeah, but with my little stick in my highly evolved brain—ow—I shall create fire.”
  • “Fine, be a jerk. I’ll take care of him.”
  • “I’m a mammal that cares.”
  • “Well, I think mating for life is stupid. I mean, there’s plenty of Sid to go around.”
Famous Sid the Sloth Quotes
  • “Okay, so you’ve got issues. You won’t even know I’m here. I’ll zip the lip.”
  • “Fear is like a giant, fluffy marshmallow… with fangs!”
  • “When life gives you lemons, make a nice, chilled lemonade and enjoy it under a shady tree. Trust me, it works wonders!”
  • “You can’t leave him here. Look, there’s smoke! That’s his herd right up the hill. We should return him.”

Funny Sid the Sloth Quotes

  • “Gosh, I hate breaking their hearts like that. But you know how it is.” 
  • “We’ll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight. Now, won’t we?”
  • “Hey, I’m a sloth. I see a tree, and I eat a leaf, that’s my tracking.”
  • “Hey, why am I the poop-checker?”
  • “You can’t rush perfection, my friends. And let me tell you, I’m a sloth, so perfection is pretty much guaranteed.”

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Funny Sid Quotes
  • “No thanks. I choose life.”
  • “I don’t know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Just pretend that I’m not here.”
  • “Hey, widebody, curb it next time!” 
  • “All right. You have fat hair, but when you’re ready to talk, I’m here.”
  • “Look, I’m sorry to interrupt your snack, but we gotta go.”
Funny Sid the Sloth Quotes
  • “My family abandoned me. They just kinda migrated without me.” 
  • “Uh, no. Actually, that pink thing belongs to us.”
  • “Manny, look on the bright side; you have us!”
  • “Then why are you trying so hard to convince her she’s a mammoth?”

More Sid the Sloth Quotes

  • “Hey, Manny. Aren’t you forgetting something?” 
  • “They left without me. They do this every year. Why? Doesn’t anyone love me? Isn’t there anyone who cares about Sid the Sloth?”
  • If I don’t make it, find me a wife, and tell her I love her!”
  • “Change can be scary, but it can also lead to some seriously exciting adventures. Just ask me—I’m an expert!”
  • “That’s it, you’re out of the herd!”

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More Sid Quotes
  • “Come on, keep up with me.”
  •  “That means there’s something wrong with it.” 
  • “My mistake. That was my mistake.”
  • “All right, I’ll just go by myself.”
  • “Oh, what kind of sick family would ditch their own Granny on someone? That’s just crazy. That’s… That’s just… my family.”
  • “I’ve got a slothful secret: napping is my superpower!” 
More Sid the Sloth Quotes
  • “I don’t like this cat. He reads minds.”
  • “What is this? Pine cones. Oh, my goodness. They’re my favorite. Delicious. That’s good eating. But don’t let me hog them all up. Here, you have some. Tasty, isn’t it? Bon appetit-ue.” 
  • “Diego, you hold the baby. ”
  • “A dandelion! Probably the last one of the season!”


We’re confident that you’ll enjoy these Sid the Sloth Quotes! Sid is quite silly, yet incredibly funny. He genuinely cares for everyone and never fails to make his friends laugh. Undoubtedly, Sid is the most remarkable character in the Ice Age series. And let’s not forget how Sid always manages to bring laughter into your life! Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below which are your favorite Sid the Sloth Quotes?

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