45 Family Betrayal Quotes

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Painful Family Betrayal Quotes

These 45 Family Betrayal Quotes are dedicated to individuals who have experienced betrayal, particularly from their own family. Betrayal can occur in various relationships, but when it comes from our own family, it can be devastating. Our family is the most valuable asset we have, and the thought of them betraying us can be overwhelming. Today, we have gathered a collection of Family Betrayal Quotes to provide comfort and motivation to those who have been betrayed by their family.

Sad Family Betrayal Quotes

  • “The saddest thing that can happen to anyone is when their family members betray them for some other outsiders. It is one of the worst feelings.”
  • “All that fake and jealous family members can give you are lies, drama, and jealousy.”
  • “You must occasionally give up on individuals. They don’t care, not because you don’t, but because they do.”
  • “You don’t know hate until your own family comes against you.” – 45 Family Betrayal Quotes

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Sad Family Quotes
  • “Betrayal is never easy to handle and cope with when the person who has betrayed you is your own.”
  • “I trusted you and you betrayed me.”
  • “When family members betray you, it teaches you the meaning of true love and caution.”
  • For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.
  • “Family, the supposedly safe haven of trust, can occasionally bring out the deepest wounds of betrayal.”
Sad Family Betrayal Quotes
  • “Betrayal from family cuts deeper than any knife.”
  • “There is no greater blessing than a family hand that lifts you from a fall, but there is no lower curse than a family hand that strikes you when you’re down Fessler.”
  • “Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you.”
  • “Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, it’s the place where we find the deepest heartache.”

Painful Family Betrayal Quotes

  • “A family divided in opposition to itself can’t stand.”
  • “Our families are meant to be our safe havens. We frequently discover our worst heartbreak there.”
  • “They say family’s first, but family is the first to get you hurt.” 
  • “It hurts the most when your own family betrays you…” – 45 Family Betrayal Quotes

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Painful Family Quotes
  • “If a family member is saying bad things about you behind your back, it’s probably best not to trust them.”
  • “Families break; that’s the sad truth. But sometimes, it’s a betrayal that snaps the ties.”
  • The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies… It comes from Friends and loved ones.
  • “When family betrays you, it’s a pain that lingers.”
  • “Familial betrayal is, to me, the most heartbreaking kind – because if you can’t trust your family to love you and protect you, who can you really trust? ”
Painful Family Betrayal Quotes
  • “The worst kind of betrayal is the betrayal of blood.”
  • “The betrayal of a family member can be more painful than any other kind of betrayal.” 
  • “In family betrayals, the one who stabs you within the again is frequently the one you least anticipate.”
  • “Familial betrayal is, to me, the most heartbreaking kin. – because if you can’t trust your family to love you and protect you, who can you really trust.”

Deep Family Betrayal Quotes

  • “family betrayal is a dagger to the heart.” – 45 Family Betrayal Quotes
  • “Far from being the basis of the good society, the family, with its narrow privacy and tawdry secrets, is the source of all our discontents.”
  • “They have the option to betray me, but I decide not to.”
  • “Family betrayal is the most heartbreaking kind of betrayal for me because if you can’t trust your family members, you can never trust anyone else.”

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Deep Family Quotes
  • “Every betrayal begins with trust.”
  • “It’s hard to tell genuine family members from those who are likely to betray you.”
  • “Family betrayal leaves a wound that even time struggles to heal.”
  • “The haziest shadows are many times projected by those we call family, they sell out leaving us abandoned in an ocean of harm.”
  • “A family’s love should be unconditional, but sometimes it comes with conditions.”
Deep Family Betrayal Quotes
  • “Betrayal from a family member leaves a scar that never fades.”
  • “Betrayal in the family is the sharpest knife that cuts deep into the heart.”
  • “When a family member betrays you, it shatters the foundation of trust.”
  • “In family betrayals, silence can be as hurtful because of the betrayal itself.”


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