40 Hillarious Tropic Thunder Quotes | Quotes from the Movie Tropic Thunder

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Famous Quotes From Tropic Thunder

Hillarious Tropic Thunder Quotes: Tropic Thunder is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and hilarious comedy movies of all time. Released in 2008, this movie managed to win the hearts of millions with its unique storyline, amazing characters, and unforgettable quotes. Whether it’s Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Kirk Lazarus, or Ben Stiller’s character, Tugg Speedman, every actor has nailed their performance and made this movie an absolute delight to watch.

Funny Tropic Thunder Quotes 

  • “I don’t get out of my character until the DVD is done.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “I’m like a child who plays with himself whenever he’s scared.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “I was wrong! Blow the bridge! Blow the f**k**g bridge.” — Tugg Speedman
  • “Man we’re lost, we’re super lost!” — Kirk Lazarus

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Quotes From Tropic Thunder Funny
  • “You went full r*tard man, never go full stupid.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “Or are you a dude who has no idea what dude he is and claims to know what dude he is? ” — Tugg Speedman
    — Tropic Thunder Quotes
  • “I’m like a child who plays with himself whenever he’s scared.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “I just corn syrup you guys! Blood flavored… corn syrup.” — Tugg Speedman
Funny Quotes From Tropic Thunder 
  • “What, Alpa Chino? He’s like ten girls deep, 24/7.” — Kevin Sandusky
  • “I am playing a role within a role within a role so I know who I am.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “What do you mean? Writers don’t always tell the truth.” — Four Leaf Tayback
  • “I don’t read the script. The script reads me.” — Kirk Lazarus
    — Tropic Thunder Quotes
  • “The universe… is talking to us right now. You just gotta listen.” — Les Grossman

Famous Tropic Thunder Quotes

  • “I know who I am. I’m the dude playin’ the dude, disguised as another dude!” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “You say ‘Listen here, Lance’… Lance? What the fuck did I just hear? Lance?” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “This is insane. Are you really going to abandon this movie? We’re supposed to be a unit!”  Tugg Speedman
  • “Dammit, I’m Alpa Chino! ‘I Love Tha Pussy’, right? Lay yo ass back down and look at the stars.” Alpa Chino

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Quotes From Tropic Thunder
  • “Same thing happened to me when I played Neil Armstrong in Moonshot. They found me in an alley in Burbank trying to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere in an old refrigerator box.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “You gonna focus up now, motherfucker, and say it! “It’s me, Tugg!” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “An actor’s job is no different from anybody else’s job. I just have what it takes to show emotion.” — Kirk Lazarus
    — Tropic Thunder Quotes
  • “I don’t drop character till I’ve done the DVD commentary.” — Kirk Lazarus
Famous Quotes From Tropic Thunder
  • “I’ve been going to this church for 15 years, and now, I gotta go find another one.”  Tugg Speedman
  • “Everybody knows you never go full retard.”  Tugg Speedman
  • “Nah! It’s simple as pie man: you plant your feet on the ground, you look her square in the eyes you say “Hey! Baby, you and me’s goin’ on a date, that’s the end of the story”. What’s her name?” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “You know what the problem is, Damien. Not to get into his business, but if I’m feeling emotional, does Osiris have to be emotional too?” — Tugg Speedman

Best Tropic Thunder Quotes

  • “There ya go, get him chugging on some of Alpa’s ‘Ass-Water’ that will bring him around, it’s a cure-all.” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “What do you mean? Writers don’t always tell the truth.” — Four Leaf Tayback

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Quotes From Tropic Thunder
  • “Took a whole lotta tryin’ just to get up that hill. Now we’re up in the big leagues, gettin’ our turn at bat. As long as we live, it’s you and me, baby…” — Kirk Lazarus
  • “It was like pistol-whipping a blind kid.” — Rick Peck
  • “Man, that’s beauty. Nights like tonight make a man wonder what it’s all about.” — Kirk Lazarus
Best Quotes From Tropic Thunder
  • “See, this is the good part. This is when the job gets fun! Ask―and you shall receive!” — Les Grossman
    — Tropic Thunder Quotes
  • “Hey, you wanna get on the train here or you wanna ruin another take, huh?” — Tugg Speedman
  • “You talkin’ to me this whole time?” — Kirk Lazarus


So, if you’re looking for a good laugh, then Tropic Thunder should be on your watchlist. And don’t forget to let us know which Tropic Thunder Quotes is your favorite in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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